Thursday, March 31, 2011

Unknown error -18. APPNAME unsuccessful - Android

Have you come across this notification when you're trying to update your apps from the Android Market? 
unknown error -18. APPNAME unsuccessful

Well it's been happening to me since I updated my software to froyo 2.2. on my HTC Aria. After going through some forums, I've found the solution to the problem which has worked well for me.

Here are some step by step instructions to fix this problem:-

Step 1:-
Connect phone to the pc using the USB cable and change the connection type to "Disk Drive" (Mount as disk drive)

Step 2:-
Open the phone's directory on your computer.

Step 3:-
Open the folder ".android_secure"

Step 4:-
Delete the file "smdl2tmp1.asec".

Step 5:-
Unmount your phone and wait for the apps to reload, it usually takes only a few mins and you'll find that you will be able to update your apps again.

Thanks for reading and hope it helps :)

It's only human...

Every once in awhile i drop by my quiet blog just to see if anything has changed... and every once in awhile I always tell myself that I will post a new entry... once again as you can see... it hasn't been done :( 

Well, today I'm going to rant about how humans are humans... 

I think we all know how we are always unsatisfied and unappreciative about the things that we have, well how can we be, it's only human! We always want to receive more than we give and expect things to go according to how we want it to be, and we always expect people who care about us to sit in our personal locker room and wait for our whole performance to be done with. In one way we can say that this is kind of hypocritical. For example, especially in Malaysia, we can't stand people being late but, as often as possible, we are arriving at meet ups half an hour late and expect it to be fine. Welcome SUPERSTAR mentality. 

It seems as though we are the centre of gravity and everything else revolves around us. When will we ever be "happy" or "satisfied"? The rich wants to get richer, the successful wants fame, we want more and more and MORE, when will we be content and appreciate what God has placed here in our hands? Right now, i'm contented with what I have, but am I happy? Well the truth is, I'm really not... I do want more and expect more...