Monday, June 13, 2011

Let's talk NICE GUYS!

Are you a nice guy?
Well I came across this interesting read in where they were talking about nice guys. It's pretty true... I know alot of nice guys myself and have also been in that "zone" until i came across "the game". Well frankly there's nothing wrong with being a nice guy, except the fact that you don't get laid, you end out living in your parents basement till you're 30 because everyone steps on you to climb up the social (and corporate) ladder, you have no "real" friends and don't have the guts to take risks and speak your mind in fear of hurting someone or loosing a friend. There's really nothing wrong with it... not to mention that some people can't imagine themselves being known as an ass or having a bad image. Seriously... there's nothing wrong with being in the "friend zone" of the girl you have loved your whole life, while she goes out with an ass that you know will screw her life up... Nope it's not wrong, and therefore you should just not continue reading this post if you're fine with that. 
*Good bye Mr. Nice Guy! It was nice to meet you *

Alright back to business. Frankly I have nothing wrong with nice guys, well other than the fact that their trying to be "nice" all the time. But seriously, I really believe in improving one's self. Everybody should be given an equal chance to fight for their rights and what they believe in. And I stand by one theory, that is, anybody is capable of anything and that any guy can get any girl he wants! (with the right guidance of course!) 

For the record, I'm not here to tell you to be and ass or a jerk or what not. I'm just encouraging you readers not to be a pushover and that there is more to you than there really is. Again like many of my previous posts, you are not the only "Nice Guy" out there and yes many girls DO like nice guys, it's just your job to get them to NOTICE YOU FIRST before they can like you.

Think about it! Here's the article from AskMen.

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For the longest time, we have had to keep our mouths shut. But now you’re in the company of men.

The "Nice Guy"

Historically, there is no greater kiss of death than being labeled a “nice guy.” Sure, it’s great when you’re 10, sporting your Sunday suit and your mom is calling you nice. However, when you’re a full-grown man trying to make his mark at work and get his way with the ladies, the last thing you ever want to be known as is the nice guy. But why, Dean? Why is being a nice guy so bad? More than likely, if you’re asking that question, it’s too late and you’re sweet and soft. But here they are, the key concepts of life that nice guys will never understand.

Your Back Was Made For Walking 

Gentlemen, here’s a little piece of information: Women are genetically inclined to walk all over men. (Ladies, if you don’t like that, remember, you are in the company of men.) Men, the onus is on us to defend ourselves. Most of what you think of as nice is really you being a pussy. Maybe it’s always calling her rather than putting it on her to call; maybe it’s letting her stand you up without any protest. The more you bend over backward for her, the more you’ll be expected to -- and with no reciprocation or appreciation. Realize that you can be a confident, desirable male without being a slave in waiting.

Women Want To Be Objectified 

Nice guys tend to be sensitive and emotional; sometimes women want to be strictly physical. She wants a man who is decisive enough to say he wants to have sex. If you wait for her to initiate this, you may as well take her home to your bad boy buddy. Be an asshole to her just to be an asshole? No. Be confident because you’re a man? Definitely. The reason women like the bad boy is because he is not afraid to say what he wants (which is her). She likes to know that she is  physically desired more than she likes to hear your sonnets and love poems insinuating that you care. 

You're Seen As A Pushover

It’s not just her, it's also her friends (and your friends) who see you as a pushover, and that growing opinion and impression is reinforcing her distaste for you. You’ll end up being her best friend and everyone’s doormat. Being the nice guy will leave you hearing about how another jackass broke her heart (after she gave him the best sex ever) and it will leave you in an entry position forever. Not to mention you’ll be the guy who’s always helping people move, listening to everyone’s problems and never having anyone reciprocate your efforts.    

Man Up

Your strategy is now your identity. You thought you were being nice, when in fact you were becoming the “nice guy.” Nice guys will never understand that standing up for yourself, objectifying women and ending your status as a pushover will be the key to success in the bedroom, the boardroom and life in general.
I’m Dean Cardell and I make no apologies.

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