Monday, October 24, 2011

Optimistic Thinking vs Positive Thinking

I'd like to believe that I'm an optimistic person. Often when asked to describe myself, I would proudly list optimism as one of my traits. In an interesting early morning conversation with a distant friend, we came across the topic on the differences between optimistic thinking and positive thinking. She was debating that the two are the same, and I on the other hand believed (or would like to believe) that there were differences between the two.

Hence, I sought the help of my good friend Google, and made a search. An interesting read from CoachKip  described the difference between positive thinking and optimistic in simple terms.

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Positive Thinking

With positive thinking people say only good things.  They always look to find the positive meaning in something.  They go out convincing themselves that if they think positively then good things will happen.  Thinking positively usually has people saying it out loud “the economy is down but there is only one way for it to go.”  Positive thinkers often times come on too strong and it puts people off, and pushes them away.

Optimistic Thinkers

With optimistic thinking people they only feel good things.  Everything always has a good side to the optimistic thinker.  No one can ever convince an optimistic thinker that something is negative once the optimistic thinker has made up their mind.  Optimistic thinkers tend to keep their thoughts to themselves, there is no need for them to tell anyone that they are optimistic, people just know.  People tend to follow optimistic thinkers, and optimistic thinkers tend to attract more people to them.
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At the end of the day, I stood firmly on my believes that there really was a difference between the two and that I am indeed an optimistic person!


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