Monday, November 15, 2010

Alpha Male vs Complete Asshole

I was thinking over lunch of what I read from Clement's blog, and it occurred to me on the matter of the AMOG. In every group, there will be 3 types of people:-

1. The Natural Leaders - These are the people who naturally walk in front and everybody likes, the others in the group will naturally follow what he say and will be Mr. Popular. This is usually the Alpha Male of the group.

2. The 2nd in Command - Every leader needs his assistance, this guy takes the role of leader when The Natural Leader is not around. He is also probably the only person whom will stand up to what The Natural Leader says or whom the Natural Leader will consider listening to and have a "deep conversation" with. However the downside of this position is you'll have many haters cause everybody want's to be "closer" to the leader in the group, hence most those in this category are usually singled out by the people in the group.

3. The Other - These are the YES MEN whom suck up the the Natural Leader and who cant or dare not do anything on their own.

But I'm not here to judge anyone... today I'm talking about the Alpha Male.

WELL..... There is a very fine line between an...


I've came across my fair share of people around, with different personalities and from different backgrounds.

Here's an article on "Alpha Male Characteristics" taken from Hub Pages

*take note on the parts highlighted in GREEN as i will be discussing about it later on in this post*

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Alpha Male Characteristics: Knowing About the Way Alpha Male Acts
Becoming an alpha male is not something that you can do overnight. You have to remember that it is essential that you need to get rid of the beta male characteristics in order for you to become ready to be an alpha male. You have to remember that there are certain traits or characteristics that differentiate the alpha male from the beta male. If you want to be like the alpha male, you have to start acting like one and you will see that your dating life will significantly improve.

The first thing that you need to avoid is to leer at the attractive women in the bar. Pretty girls know they are attractive and that they can turn men's heads when she walks by. She loves this kind of attention. Now, don't be like the beta male who will leer at that pretty girl. Try ignoring her or try to not be interested in her and it will leave her wondering why and will pay more attention to you.

Beta male try to dominate but the alpha male knows they are the best. Never be bossy around people. Instead, try to be confident and be relaxed.

If you are dating, try to keep the conversation flowing with the topic that you like to talk about. You have to remember that the alpha male will never follow a person's agenda. If you get bored, then talk about the things that interest you.

Another factor that you need to avoid is by proving that you are better than others. This is a common beta male trait and they often start a fight whether verbal or physical just to prove to women that they are better than others. Alpha males know that they are smarter and better than others and they don't need to prove it. They feel secure enough that they don't have to try and please other people instantly.

You have to consider that not all successful males today are that smart. They just know how to act like one and this is one of the many alpha male traits. Always remember that you should never try and impress other people by doing things that are way out of your league.

Instead, try to always be confident and relaxed. By being like this, you will see that you will attract more women as you will be like a very powerful male even without trying.

As you can see, being the alpha male doesn't mean that you need to impress someone and prove yourself. Instead, being the alpha male means that you should be confident and secure enough that you will never have to prove that you are better than anyone else. You know that you are better and you should never be bossy.

So, if you want to become the alpha male, always remember that the first step is by getting rid of the beta male traits and characteristics and you can begin learning the ways of the alpha male.

These are just some of the tips that you need to remember about becoming the alpha male. You have to remember that confidence is the key. Always be relaxed in any situations and simple lead a laid back life and you can be sure that women will be attracted to you.
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Hope you guys had a good read and enjoyed it! Now, here are 5 common mistakes the differentiates an Alpha Male from a Complete Asshole!!

1. Get rid of beta male characteristics
Yes it is correct that you get rid of your beta male characteristics, but please, I repeat PLEASE do not forget who you are. It is important to stay at the top of your game at all times but do not forget your routes and backstab everyone else who brought you there.

2. Start acting like one
I always agree with the saying "fake it till you make it" but most people try too hard as what they see in MTV video's or what. Acting like one means playing the part, do it naturally and dont try anything that you do not feel comfortable with or who is just not you.

3. Beta males try to dominate but Alpha males know they are the best
4. Avoid proving that you're better than others - Alpha Males know that they are smarter and better and they don't need to prove it
This is a very common thing you can see "Alpha Male" wannabes failing to do. Most of these people always try to show off how their better than others and criticize others weaknesses to make themselves look good. As an Alpha Male, you should know that you are the best and act the role, not compete against the Beta males and look like a fool. Like the Simpsons movie said, "take a 100 strong men and a 100 weak men to make the strong men look stronger".

5. Knowing how to act like one - should never try to impress others by doing things that are out of their league
As mentioned above we have to start acting the role, but we also have to KNOW how to act the role or we may end out looking like idiots. I'm sure you have came across some showy people who always say "I can do this" "I can do that" "that person lousy la, I can do better" but once you ask them to do it, they just cant... So it's better to be honest to yourself and avoid the humiliation. * It's okay to tell the jokes, but avoid BEING the joke *

- - - -

Well anyway I'm not here to judge anyone but to share my point of view on the matter, it's just that I have some people around me that try too hard at being an Alpha Male that have lost sight of reality. It's really sad that I can sometimes see people laughing at them behind their back especially when these people are close to me. But we all fall into some of these categories once in awhile as well, so do not be afraid to remind your BRO when you feel things are getting out of hand, and do take time to reflect on yourself once in awhile!


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  1. Wtf? Seriously? I did at one point not cared what others thought, but it also turned me against girls too, so sorry this shit doesnt fly! Also, it wouldnt feel right to accept sex from a girl if I had my mind elsewhere and not looking for it. I guess I'd rather be the asshole. Chances are she goes home with me or she ends up crying and having a lonely night.