Sunday, November 14, 2010

Guys and girl... Interesting specimens

I'll just screw the introduction as i have started and ended too many blogs before to give a damn with a welcoming speech or introduction of the purpose of this blog. Well to keep things short, its just a place for me to express myself when i feel and need to :)

Anyway was hanging out with some buddies at Music Master and having a talk and an interesting topic came up about women. Well the fact is, ordinary men are not naturally made to understand women, and in most cases just gets blown away by women for being too direct or taking the wrong approach... I'm sure you GUYS know what I'm talking about...

Well what i found interesting is that one of the buddies was a natural at the game of boy-girl relationship (though he wasn't actually in the relationship). What I mean is like he knows exactly how to be frank and firm in his approach to the girl and bring her for the roller coaster ride, and know when to back out before he overstayed his "visa", WITHOUT ACTUALLY KNOWING that he is playing his cards RIGHT. It has made me realized that there are guys who are naturally able to understand and adapt to the wants and needs of the girl by making them feel comfortable without trying...

Unfortunately for guys like me (and most others in fact) we have to work our asses off to actually get the girl to look our way. Here are some tips that will help you guys to stand a chance of even have a go at that girl that you desire, if not it is also good characteristics to build bout yourself:-

1) GROOMING!! - C'mon guys!! dont go walking around in your underpants or sleeping clothes... go get a nice haircut, maintain a clean image and wear clothes that fits and matches you! Girls dont want to be seen walking around the mall with a person who just got off work from the morning market...

2) Self Confidence - Fake it till you make it!! Men were made to be the head of the house (some may not agree on this), but it is important to be confident, not only around women but also in your jobs,homes and whatever you do... *Note: Self Confident is different from being overly-confident and cocky

3) Be Yourself - Eventually the girl will find out that you are not Steve Jobs long lost son... The truth will come out over time, so be sure of who you are and improve on the flaws that you think is bringing you down.

4) Give and Take - It is obvious that you and your partner do not have a 100% match on your point of views and leisure activities. Don't expect your girl to sit in the jamming room listening to you and your boys blasting on your instruments when she can't stand loud noises. Also make the effort to have some interests in the things she enjoy like perhaps shopping or shoes!

5) Listen - Always listen to what the girl has to say, try not to interrupt or prove her wrong in the middle of her sentence. If you have a point of view on the matter, wait until she ends her sentence before sharing. Who knows she might open up your mind to a new perspective on the matter.

6) Don't be over pushy or clingy - If a girl says no, ask for a reconfirmation and its a no it means NO! Don't push her off the bridge to do a bungee jump if she doesn't want to. On the other hand, give her some space to do her things and don't put a short leash on her that she gets choked.

7) Make the effort - Getting the girl is not the end of the game, it's only just beginning!! Have fun, play games, enjoy each others company, go ahead an surprise her on random occasions or get her something gifts  for special events. Its okay to be romantic once in awhile regardless of what your bros think.

8) Don't let her walk all over you/ Mutual respect - At the end of the day, the man is still he head of the house and there has to be a mutual respect between the girl and the guy. So if there is something that you feel uncomfortable that the girl is doing, dont be afraid to talk it out and come to a solution that both parties are able to agree on.

We'll thats all that i have to share for now... this is prob the longest post i've written. LIKE EVER!!! Do feel free to share more if you got, a bro must always help a bro!

Cheers :)

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