Friday, November 19, 2010

G.A.S. Attack!!

Would you pay RM500 for this?

Would you pay RM500 for this?

Would you pay RM 5,000 for this??

Would you pay RM5,000 for this?

Would you pay RM90 for this?
Would you pay RM90 for this?

Well... I was having a conversation about with my mom over breakfast and was talking about how Maybank was deducting money for every few withdrawals I made, and her being a mother obviously started telling me how I didn't know how to save and that I was wasting money on my music equipment... Well I can't deny that I do put aside a specific amount of money for my music equipment every month (which mostly goes to Music Master, THE BEST DAMN MUSIC SHOP IN THE COUNTRY!! (Damien,2010)), but I live a simple life.. I am damn cheapskate when it comes to food, I dont buy clothes, I seldom go for movies, I barely shop... so yeah... What I'm trying to say is, everybody have their "cravings" or "needs/wants" based on their hobbies or interests.

Get it?? Let me give you some examples:
1. Girls + Shopping

2. Gadget Geeks + Latest Gadgets
3. The Car Collectors + Cars

Yeah! you get the idea... So it's not wrong for us (musicians) to have our own desire! Everybody has their own definition of sexy, have you ever felt that that girl that you saw make your heart skip a beat or get an eraction (or whichever comes first)?? Well thats what we get when we see a guitar that catches our eye or a perfect distortion that gives you that orgasmic feeling?? Okay... maybe thats abit over, but YOU GOTTA TRY TO UNDERSTAND OUR G.A.S.!!!

WTF is G.A.S.????
"Most of us guitarists suffer from an affliction called GAS – Gear Acquisition Syndrome. That means we are buying gear nearly compulsively – more and more often than we really need." (Guitar Noise, 2010).

You are probably thinking what the hack is going through our head when we buy this stuff compulsively...

Here's a number of reasons:-
  1. I sound bad, I suck! Remedy? A new amp/guitar/effect will help me get the sound I’m hearing in my head!
  2. I want to sound like Santana, so I’ll buy a PRS Santana, a Mesa Boogie amp, a Fender amp and a couple of effects. One year later, my Santana days are over and now Steve Vai is my hero. That means, I’ll get an Ibanez Universe guitar, the Carvin Steve Vai amp and an Eventine harmonizer.
  3. I want to be as versatile and flexible as I can, I want a huge variety of different sounds because I play/enjoy a lot of different styles, play in a Top 40 band, or I’m a studio musician. Thus, I need a Telecaster and a Fender Twin for playing country, a Les Paul and a Marshall for rock and a Gibson ES335 and a Roland Jazz chorus for jazz.
  4. I just like guitars and gear – I collect them.
Do check out this link to read more about G.A.S.

What I'm trying to say is, IT IS NOT A CRIME to crave for that "perfect" sound that matches our mood. And as musicians we're very emotional people (no joke) that the sound is actually affected by the state that we're in... so the remedy is?? Drop by our favorite music shop, spend a couple of hundred bucks and ask the owner to belanja you BBQ chicken!! Ta-Da!! I'M CURED (for a week)

Also as we improve our skills, naturally we want something better or when we change influences we would love to sound more like that particular artists or sound... Unfortunately, we end up with tons of guitars/cables/pedals/racks/amps/boxes/everything lying around the house :(

I hope that I have cleared out the matter on this matter! Would love to elaborate more but gotta get back to work!!


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  1. i'd buy 90 for a dress. maybe not 500 for that shoes but i might if its a bag and 5000 for that bag? is actually abit too much unless if you have loads of money to waste larr. haha. :P:P:P

    u know, i think you need to go to GASA (Gear Acquisition Syndrome Anonymous). teeeheee (: