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I was reading through a friends blog and I found an interesting category, "Seduction", therefore being the curious guy I am on this matters, I found this post... I was like WHOA!! This was something I was planning to write about but gosh... I couldn't have written it better than this guy! TRULLY EXPERIENCED BROTHER :) Anyway this was taken from GapNap's blog

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What is AMOG ?
The seduction community teaches AMOG .AMOG stands for Alpha Male Of Group or Alpha Male Other Guy . 
In other words , whenever you’re with a hot chick , or trying to get a hot chick ..
There will be OPPOSITIONS , the other guy will always COCKBLOCK you , humiliate you , discourage you , put you down , and insult you so that you WILL FAIL .

Cockblock stands for a guy who try to disrupt your game accidentally or on purpose
So you need a set of “tactics” to AMOG.
Which is also saying..
In life , no matter what you’re doing ..there will be oppositions , people who will give you “a run for your money” , there will be competition , there will be haters can never please the whole world . Their objective is to slow you down , or get you out of their way , Or “pawn you” for their own personal self satisfaction and gain..
The basic methods of AMOG are :
1.Ignore the other guy
2.FIGHT , and humiliate the other guy  ..

The rule is , DO NOT LOSE . Always win . Right ?
and if all else fail , you say ..NEXT and switch to another chick (loser way)

Same with guitar , if you’re a teacher , there will be haters who will say “your teaching sucks , my teaching is better”
Or , if you are a guitarist , there will be haters who will say say “his cannot play lah , i can play better”
You can ignore them , or challenge them.

Few years ago , a great teacher taught me of a concept which is  ..

“short term gain , long term loss , short term loss , long term gain “

And i have been using his concept in almost every expect of my life. Basically , its a simple concept ..
It is OK to lose , because you will learn
It is OK to fail , because you will learn

The world hates losers , and the world LOVES winners . But the world doesn’t know , the winners today were once losers . Find me a successful man who has never fail .
Like a dirty politician , gaining power for the first few years. When the truth surface , he fall .
Like Thomas Edison , when he was young , kids were teasing him , saying he was CRAZY and he was a loser  , a failure . But he learned . Today , you don’t call Thomas Edison a loser , but one of the greatest scientists of all time.

A Simple Story .

A young couple . A Hot chick and A Well to do guy .
Hot Chick reads COSMO and THE RULES . She plays the game of love by “the one who loves the least controls the relationship” (familiar?) . She makes her bf wait , randomly throw a tantrum , super demanding , purposely play “i don’t need you” , date other guys to make him jealous ..Hot chick thinks she is in TOTAL CONTROL of the relationship . She was winning .
The Well to do guy , knew that she was messing around with him .But he was okay with it , because that is what all women do . He knows , ultimately, he is the PRIZE . He is the better catch . He is CAPABLE . He HAS A GREAT INNER GAME .Hot Chick can control the relationship as long as she likes , he just enjoy the journey . He just focus on improving himself such as his career , his health and his lifestyle . He Gave the girl what she wants and meet her demands ..He was a loser?
Other guys see The Well to do guy and calls him  “pussy whipped ” or “pussy slave”..they said “how can you let your gf be in control ? you are a MAN bro a MAN and be in CONTROL of your relationship”. Well to do guy didn’t care . Well to do guy was the loser in everybody’s eyes .
So , hot chick got bored with her well to do guy , because he was always the YES MAN . She finds another guy and dump his ass . Well to do guy was sad for a few days but he didn’t take it too hard .
After a month , hot chick finds out her new bf is a jerk who just wanna take everything and give nothing in return .(both sides have to give and take , if not , the relationship will fail ) .She went back to Well to do guy , she said to him ..
“I can never find another guy like you . I regret i didn’t appreciate are the ONLY guy who CARES for me and treated me WELL..” But at that time , well to do guy was with his new gf , hotter and better than her .
The point is , alot of things in this world are external game. (short term gain) .
As long as you KNOW that your INNER GAME is TIGHT and Improving , it is always a long term gain .

Guitarist , there will be people who will say , YOU SUCK or YOU DO NOT DESERVE THAT PAY or THAT MONEY .
Don’t worry about AMOG , Don’t worry about the Competition , Don’t worry about people who insult you , Don’t worry about the dogs that bark . Just work on yourINNER GAME and IMPROVE . Practice hard , be skillful , always improve , maintain your standards and never look back .
If they criticize you and they are better than you . It is OK to lose .It is OK to make mistakes. Don’t take it too hard . Instead , be positive , learn from them, promise yourself you will never make that mistake again . Make them your hero . Then , make sure your hero FAILS you :)
Because , when shit happen , or when the truth surface . You know you will be alright . You know who is the loser . You know that it is your TIME TO RISE .
From today onwards , whenever people insult you and step on you …quietly whisper to them.
“I understand , you see a BIG PICTURE . But , one thing you don’t know about me is , I SEE A COMPLETE PICTURE “
Don’t worry about losing the battle. The war is not over . yet .

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