Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Weddings?? Funerals?? Still got money for TV???

As the year comes to a close, I've got friends who are complaining that business aint so good this time of the year, which I found rather interesting. I seem to be going through a hell of a hectic time at work and business is shooting up like crazy, well I guess people are turning to be more self and health conscious as time flies us by. One of my bestie, who works in the electronic appliance line told me that regardless of his road show and all, the sales of TVs hasn't been that great... I came up with a theory for that which he entirely rejected and thought I was crapping.

Alright here was my theory, short and simple:-

Haven't you noticed how there are so many funerals and weddings this year in particular? I'm not sure about you guys, but I've had at least 5 or 6 friends I know who got married this year or these few months actually...  and it saddens me also that there have been so many passings this time round as well, be it friends relative or a friend in particular or a distant relative or someone who stays near you... but I guess thats how the cycle of life goes, only God knows the bigger plan! So back to the theory... Well with all these weddings and funerals going on, who got so much money to spend on ten thousand dollar tvs anymore??

Think about it, I was talking to my customer, who happens to be a Nirvana Agent, he told me that a simple Christian funeral can cost you around RM12k excluding the grave, and it costs more for a chinese funeral with all the *tong changs* and ceremonial monks and everything... what's more expensive than dying? being sick, imagine a surgery to remove a tumor can easily cost around THIRTY THOUSAND!!! I figured thats why my business in the health line is going up as people tend to become more health conscious. I always share this statement with my customers, "You have to be rich to be sick", and that is no joke! The costs of medical bills are going up by the year and the number of people getting sick is also ascending! Even insurance coverage can only cover you so much based on you premium... therefore prevention is better than cure when it comes to your health!

On the other hand, I recall having a conversation with some of my friends, over chicken wings, about the costs of getting married... gosh if you are planning to marry a girl, you better be ready to put aside some savings -  for a dowry to give to the bride's family, a traditional BIG DINNER (which you would eventually get back about half or more from the ang paus), Honey moon, photoshoot, video shoot, dress, etc etc etc... - it all adds up to a large sum which I cannot imagine yet! Well, I've got nothing against this, as I do want to get married in the future but maybe not such a traditional in-the-church kind of marriage, maybe something more exciting like a simple marriage by the beach or underwater or in the sky, but yeah we'll see how that goes. Well back to topic! Yeah!! after spending like tens of thousands for these ceremonies and all, "where got ppl still got money to buy tv oh tai lo... all the pocket all pancit edi oh!!!" <---- me telling my friend in a very china man tone...

Therefore, a word of encouragement to my young friends, start investing and saving because when the time comes for you to get married (or go), it's gonna costs you some big bucks!!

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