Tuesday, November 16, 2010

gTalk isn't opening and market place is not downloading apps...

Lately my phone hasn't been able to download or update apps from the market place and I found it weird, but not enough to get me all hyped up and all worried about that the phone was broken, I figured it must have been some connection problem or something wrong with the market place. A few days later, I got some complaints that I did not reply my gTalk from my friends whom we keep in touch with Google Talk, now this I found it a little weird and when I tried to check my gTalk, the strangest thing happened...

When I clicked on the app, the screen flickered like as if the app was going open and after about a second or so it just goes back to the previous screen, I tried checking the app settings and I found that gTalk was actually running in the background... Now I'm no tech geek or anything but of course i did try restarting the phone and everything the normal person would try, but it still didnt work... so like the person I am.. an semi-app junkie, I figured that I could use one app to replace this app temporarilly, *note* gmail was working fine on my phone and i could use gTalk on my computer... But to my surprise, I just couldnt download anything, as mentioned before... I did however notice that my phone was low on memory, so i decided to free up some space and see if it'll work! As expected, the apps began downloading and updating again!

Today, I noticed that my gTalk wasn't working again and I read through some forums and google tech support, and to my surprise I WAS NOT THE ONLY ONE FACING THIS PROBLEM!! It was actually quite a common problem among android phones *darn*... It seems that our gTalk account has some link with the market place that enables us to download the apps... without being able to open the gTalk, we will not be able to download apps... *sucks right*

So the temporary solution is....

Whenever you face this problem, you have to free up some space and everything will work as normal again!!

and pray that

FROYO - Android 2.2. will be updated onto your phone so that you can install apps to sd which will not use up so much of the internal memory!

I hope this have helped!!

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