Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Duck above water

How many of us are like this?
Have you ever seen a duck on water? All calm, tranquil, they look like they don't give a *toot*?? Did you know when they swim, their feet are stirring up a storm under water? Yet they remain all "cool" above the surface!! Blardy smart alecs these little buggers...

But think about it? How many of us are like these innocent looking beauties pedaling across the ponds?

Do you:
1. Act cool and happy when you go out with your friends?
2. Have a very deep sense of dissatisfaction deep within?
3. Always push aside questions about your emotions or problems with a fake sense of confidence and smile?
4. Make fun of other people or step on them just to give yourself a confidence boost?
5. Do you hurt, but yet try to help others who are weak just to look strong?
6. Is your heart holding back and feeling heavy?
7. Feel like you can break down anytime?
8. Feel like nobody understands you?

You'd be surprise how many people around you are in the same category as you! It is likely that the person that is making you feel this way is also pedaling around the in the same pond as you. 
It's simple... because in society today, it has become a norm that being "WEAK" is not "COOL". It is very likely that the reason we are not opening up to others and putting on a mask is because we are afraid to be a burden to our friends and family or we're afraid to "kena chop" emo or weak! But yeah, thats the standards of society...
Well my advice to you is continue wearing your mask :)

Yeah... you wouldn't want to fall behind the standards of society and become an outcast, would you? That'd only make you more emo and weaker. You need somewhere to rebuild your confidence and self-esteem and there's no where better than in the market place itself where the standards are set.


It is also very important to find someone you can spill your heart to, someone whom you trust or you can talk to... (P.S. THIS PERSON IS NOT YOUR EX GIRLFRIEND) Here are some recommendations:-
1. Your best friends/close friends
2. Your brother/sister?
3. Some random person in a chat room?
4. Pastors or Church leaders
5. Support groups. For eg. The Befrienders (
6. ME :)

NOTE: NEVER RELY ON TWITTER OR FACEBOOK... THESE ARE PLACES WHERE PPL JUST ADD MORE COAL TO THE FIRE AND ARE SELFLESS THOUGHTLESS IMMATURE @RSEHOLE$ THAT THINK THEY KNOW EVERYTHING... (applied to some idiots who gives relationship advice and think they're all so perfect and idiot girls believe every sh*t they say)

It is important to have a balance between output and input, while you're taking in the stress of the world upon your shoulders, always be sure to pass the baton on. There are many people out there who are facing the same daily struggles and problems as you, so always remind yourself that you're not alone and that are many people who are open and more than willing to help you through these desperate times. Don't feel indebted to them, but rather pull yourself up and help the next person that comes to you as well! God created us to live in society, to support each other and to lift each other up. We are never REALLY alone, so it's time to SPEAK UP!!