Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Wingman... possibly the most under rated role in society!

According to Wikipedia:-
A Wingman is a role that a person may take when a friend needs support with approaching potential partners. A wingman is someone who is on the "inside" and is used to help someone with relationships. There seem to be gender differences such that females' friends help them avoid undesirable potential partners, while males' friends help them attract desirable potential mates.
WARNING: This post is written under the influence of alcohol!

Alright, as simple as it can get, a wingman is someone who takes up a supportive role to support the "gamer" to close "the deal"

Easy right?
HELL NO!!! Wikipedia gives a very vague description saying that a wingman is to assist approaching potential partners. In this case, any idiot or bum from the side of the road can do so. To me, a  REAL wingman's job is to create a boost in value to the "gamer" who is approaching the potential partner. In order to do this, the wingman has to have a certain value and selling points himself. Imagine all the butt kissers "helping" the gamer, "oh my gosh, you're from this band" or "hey your shirt is very nice" , yeah it may create some false temporary (did i mention un-impact-ful?) value, but it's nothing to stay. 

However, imagine a well dressed person, or someone of authority or position  approaching you and complimenting you or having a conversation? Doesn't that mean something more? 

A wingman's job isn't as easy as just approaching and complimenting. He has to do a little research about the potential "target", make jokes, remind the "gamer", push him back onto track, take control of the surroundings (example is creating atmosphere by working with the DJ or the bartenders in the club), and everything possible to ensure that that deal is closed. He has to know when to come in and when to leave, the right words to say, not to appear cocky and arrogant, and not to draw too much attention to himself. In reality, a good wingman does 80% of the work while the gamer does 20% which is focused on the target and himself. This will work especially well if the wingman is someone of value, like the resident DJ or a sports celebrity.
Ideally, a wingman is often someone of high confidence, above average looks, dresses well and well aware of how the "game" works. This creates the impression that the people you hang with are of a certain standard and the target will WANT to be in the crowd, hence she WORKS harder to impress the "gamer".

A wingman should always understand the "actual" value of the gamer. He is in control of creating the intended "value" for the gamer. Be it a "false" or "real" value, it stands in the hands of the wingman, as girls often analyse a person by way he reacts to his crowd or surroundings. If a wingman creates a value that is way above the actual value of the gamer, the "relationship" won't last. On the other hand, if the value is too low, the gamer will likely not even score. 

Not as easy as it seems eh? 

The support role in anything in life has always been under rated. How often has the back end staff of an IT company been published in a magazine or newspaper? How many coaches are recognized for the performance of the team? When do song writers or audio engineers become more famous than the artists?

Yes it is a tough job and everybody wants to stand in the lime light. But somebody has to do it! It's actually alot more fun and gives you alot more perspective towards the "game"! Everyone has a role to play, plan yours out now. Not everyone has to be the star!

1. A good wingman knows his role and will NEVER cock block the gamer.
2. Analyzes the situation and ensures that the gamer doesn't do anything that may turn the target off.
3. Takes control and steps in when appropriate.
4. Does his homework and advices the gamer accordingly.
5. Will never be in reach of the target and must never outshine the gamer.

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  1. A good wingman is harder than being a gamer .