Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Winds of Change...

Things are changing everyday, people are changing, environments are changing, personalities... character... opinions and visions... 
Today i made a massive change in my life, the future seems blurry and exiled but does that mean that the pasts was better? Sometimes we keep ourselves in a routine that drags us down and changes us to become weak and someone whom we really know that we are not... So... CHANGE IS NOT ACTUALLY A BAD THING! When someone decides to change, he/she finds out what is important or what needs improving, hence amazing things happens! For Example...
A drug addict is able to stop his addiction by his strong will!!

Or a lost or person who has lost hope finds religion and a new light.

Life changing experiences in life may be a difficult decision to make and we often fear it may be the wrong one, but in every dark corner of every event, there is always a bright side of things! So keep your head up, chest out and stomach in, and gather your courage for every step of the way, you'll be meeting new friends who will pull you through every step of the way. 

No one is truly alone, it is by our own isolation that we feel like nobody cares. 

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  1. I CARE DAMIEN! I CARE! LOL! But honestly out of many people that i know, you are considered quite a very strong and brave person inside. You are able to handle and control yourself in situations where most people, like me, would just fall apart. Lol. At least for awhile la. Hahaha.