Friday, April 1, 2011

The Trains

One day there was a passenger who wanted to take a train, so he went to the ticket counter and bought his ticket. When he went to the terminal there were 4 trains, so he decided to check them out one by one.

When he went to the first train he saw that there were no tracks in front of the train. He thought to himself, "This train will not go anywhere as it has no direction" and so he proceeded to another terminal.

At the second terminal, he saw that the train hadn't arrive, he waited a long while before saying, "This train will probably never arrive its destination and by the time it does, I will most probably not be here anymore". Hence he went to the next terminal.
The train at the third terminal looked good and was waiting for the passengers to board, so he got on it and the train started to move, when it did start moving, the ride became very bumpy and he noticed that the train was going around in circles and was burning out very quickly. He got off when the train reached the same station it started at, when he got down, he saw the train was tired out and old.

Now the last train was the most beautiful train he had ever seen and instantly fell in love with it. He boarded the train and it was clean with well arranged seats, nice enough to host a king. The passenger comfortably sat himself in one of the sofa seat and the train began to move. The journey began smooth and the passenger was happy, but days passed and the passenger began feeling hungry and thirsty, he looked for the stewards or the driver but there were none. The train was just moving without any stops and was going through the roughest of terrains just barely making the journey a little smoother, but without the service or supplements, the passenger soon began loosing his mind and was consumed by the train ride and the journey...

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